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Session S14 - Global Injectivity, Jacobian Conjecture, and Related Topics

Tuesday, July 20, 18:50 ~ 19:40 UTC-3

On the lower bound for the degree of a hypothetical counterexample to the plane Jacobian conjecture

Christian Valqui

Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Peru   -   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We use the detailed description of the shape of the support of a hypothetical minimal counterexample $(P,Q)$ to the plane Jacobian conjecture in order to discard all cases of $(\deg(P),\deg(Q))$ satisfying $\max\{\deg(P),\deg(Q)\}< 125$, except the pair $(72,108)$ (and the symmetric pair $(108,72)$), thus increasing the lower bound of $100$ obtained by Moh up to $108$.

This is a joint work with Rodrigo Horruitiner, Juan José Guccione and Jorge Guccione.

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