MCA 2021 Forum

Some of the activities of the congress will take place in a forum created for this conference.
You can access the forum at 

To register for the forum, you need to register first for the MCA Conference. Once your registration for the MCA Conference is confirmed, you can register for the forum through the following page: 

You will need to enter the same email address used in the registration for the conference. You may choose any username you want, however we suggest that you use your full name (spaces are allowed in the username).

The Zoom links for the talks will be posted on the forum, along with the abstracts. The talks will be recorded and uploaded to this forum (as long as the speaker agrees). Posters will only be available through the forum. The forum also gives the possibility to interact with the speakers and authors of posters. LaTeX is supported, inline equations are delimited by $ and displaystyle equations are delimited by $$. We also provide a "Coffee Break" subforum to discuss anything that you would normally discuss during a coffee break.

If you need any help with the forum, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Posters section on the forum

Guidelines for producing video presentations
  • The length of the poster and video presentations should be arranged directly with the special session organizers.*
  • Each participant is free to choose the format of the video or poster for the communication. For example, a contributor may use Zoom to record a beamer presentation, record themselves writing on paper or a whiteboard, or edit a video in the style of Numberphile, with a mixture of recorded pictures, digital pictures and inserted texts. The speaker's face is not required, but recommended to appear on the video .
  • We strongly recommend using the full screen mode to present slides.
  • In case you are using a cellphone, please record the videos horizontally.
  • The video must be uploaded to YouTube. YouTube, in addition to being free, has the possibility of uploading the video privately (only people who have the link can see it). After the congress, users may choose to remove their video if they want. The MCA 2021 has a dedicated YouTube channel, and all congress videos available on YouTube will be included in the channel. In case the video is set in YouTube as a public video, the organization will produce a playlist corresponding to the poster session.

* Neither the Scientific Committee nor the Local Organizing Committee are responsible for the contents of the videos and publications.