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Session S03 - Geometric and Variational Methods in Celestial Mechanics

Wednesday, July 14, 18:15 ~ 18:40 UTC-3

Geodesic rays of the N-body problem

Juan Manuel Burgos

Conacyt - Cinvestav, México   -   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the context of the Newtonian N-body problem, we will show that geodesic rays of the nonnegative energy Jacobi-Mapertuis metric are expansive in the sense that all mutual distances between the bodies are divergent functions. We will also comment on the state of the art concerning the existence of these rays, recent achievements and some open problems.

J. M. Burgos, E. Maderna, Geodesic rays of the N-body problem, arXiv:2002.06153.

J. M. Burgos, Existence of partially hyperbolic motions in the N-body problem, arXiv:2008.08762.

Joint work with Ezequiel Maderna (Universidad de la República, Uruguay).

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