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Session S20 - Applied Math and Computational Methods and Analysis across the Americas

Friday, July 16, 18:00 ~ 18:30 UTC-3


Roxana López-Cruz

Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Peru   -   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The strategy of introduce bacteria in the mosquitoes population is very important for the biological control of vector in host-vector diseases. The introduction of bacteria in mosquitoes is called bacterial infestation, many researchers propose mathematical predictions for biological control of different host-vector diseases.

The mathematical model is considered through the infestation of a bacterium that inhibits the transmission of the virus that characterizes the diseases by indirect transmission. We divide the population of mosquitoes in aquatic and adult age and with epidemiological subdivision of infested and not infested will be taken into account.

We derive a criteria in the case that the susceptible subpopulation eventually win the competition with the infected subpopulation (the most desirable result).obtain the following result on global stabilty. The model is more sensible to parameters of infestation and average life time of the adult mosquito.

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