Jul, 2021

Prizes of the Mathematical Council of the Americas

The Mathematical Council of the Americas (MCofA) announces the following prizes: the MCA Prize, the Americas Prize and the Solomon Lefschetz Medal, awarded on the occasion of the 3rd Mathematical Congress of the Americas (Buenos Aires, July 9‐23, 2021).

The Americas Prize:

  • IMPA Dynamical Systems Group (IMPA, Brazil)

The Solomon Lefschetz Medal: 

  • Carlos Kenig (Chicago, USA)
  • Jose Seade (UNAM, Mexico)

The MCA Prize:

  • John Pardon (Princeton, USA)
  • Jacob Tsimerman (Toronto, Canada)
  • Alex Wright (Michigan, USA)
  • Emmy Murphy (Northwestern, USA)
  • Daniel Remenik  (CMM, Chile)

The MCA Awards Ceremony took place on Friday July 9th. You can watch the ceremony on our Youtube channel.